Idle Musing Unchained – Bertxin on The Guardian’s Comment is Free Blog – 29/01/2011

Your comment 29 January 2011 11:55AM

If only it had been you lonie who had actually written this.

Well, fact number one: Ionie didn’t write this piece. Fact number two, the “what about teh menz” don’t need any help, they can whine quite happily in their own corner. Fact number three, for a polemic piece, most of it is matter of fact, still the case. Yes, if only London could be more like Paris, and the North Sea more like the Mediterranean. Wouldn’t it be so much better. Fade in Marianne and the The Ballad of Lucy Jordan.

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I think I see the problem here. In limiting herself to one per day Bidisha has failed to move on to the all important second thought, the one that goes: perhaps I should start again.

The sermonising is so much easier than the practice, isn’t it.

Your comment 29 January 2011 11:43AM

It’s not enough to squeeze a baby out of your vagina while being treated like a piece of meat by hospital staff.

Treated like meat, in a hospital? It happens.

You’ve also got to be pert, sexy and impervious to abuse.

The “abuse” thing, is a two way street. The rest of it happens as well.

Yes, these things happen, and no amount of anecdotal evidence along the lines of “my Uncle Iñaki smoked 120 cigarettes a day, and lived to be 205, and died after being run down by the Madrid to Irun night express after eating a saucepan full of tolosako babarruna and drinking a crate of txakoli, at the local txoko, to celebrate a victory of Bilbo, and a hat trick by Llorente” will change a thing.

Your comment 29 January 2011 11:03AM

If you think comedians are taking over the world, you are paying far too much attention to comedians. Personally, there is far less comedy these days that I enjoy, compared to … whenever it was. I still limit myself to watching old Ab Fab and Yes (Prime) Ministers episodes, and listening to the News Quiz. Although, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Dave Chapelle, can be quite funny too. There’s plenty of easily avoidable dross around.

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Your comment 29 January 2011 10:59AM

Banter? They’ll ban everything, given half a chance.

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Your comment 29 January 2011 10:56AM

I think it’s entirely possible that the gravestones of the future may read: “Here lies John Smith, banterer. He had over a thousand friends on Facebook.”

You can’t do banter, can you?

Banter can be witty, intelligent and frequently frivolous. Banter doesn’t have to be racist, sexist or any “ist”, and to suggest that banter is necessarily discriminative and ignorant, is to have a very narrow and shallow view of the rich possibilities that banter has to offer. Don’t blame banter for sexism, racism and homophobia; blame the person who is being the anti-social arse, not the way in which they are doing it.

Your comment 29 January 2011 10:47AM

To accommodate mothers of any age, Anglo-American society will have to restructure itself entirely. I hope it does, because mothers are treated like dirt by employers, by culture, by society and by fathers who think it’s OK to do less than half of all the work that needs to be done.

Some peculiar reactions to this opinion piece. Look, if you think Bidisha means you, then it just adds to the impression that Bidisha has a point, that men are falling over themselves in order to reinforce. If you don’t treat women like dirt, and you do your fair share of the work that needs to be done, then it’s not you, it’s someone else. However …

Your comment 29 January 2011 10:42AM

Mothers are treated like dirt by employers, by culture, by society and by fathers,

Yes, it happens.

and that has to change

Yes, it does need to change. Good opinion piece, Bidisha.

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Your comment 28 January 2011 6:44PM

This is what happens when you have seriously high unemployment, rubbish jobs and very little by way of a solid seocial security infrastructure. Oh, and incredibly bent and ruthless politicians (aka leaders, not sure they are called leaders though. Chief thug? Leader? Pass!), but that’s not new either.

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Scruffy Sophistry Is Still Sophistry

Unreconstructed instrumental reason and its responders cannot have empathy with man’s humanity to man as a natural state, and therefore try and build up a way for an autistic world to come to an engineered peace with itself.

But the majority of the world is not like that. People are not naturally divided, people are not required to come together, unnaturally, in a common fight or collectivised individual interests, because it is those differences that are artificial, as erroneous as the ideas of multi-cultures, race and genetic fatalism. Due to a trick of historical immaterialism, I did not have the good fortune to engage with Marx in the idea of the common struggle as an answer to the universality of problems. Which might be seen retrospectively as a common symptom of a common mindset entrapped in a common time warp, but that will have to be placed in abeyance for another moment. The common, anachronistic and antiquated struggle against a directionless system that oppresses is indicative of an attempt to mount a popular insurrection of anorexic fashion warriors against a warehouse of indestructible duvets, eiderdowns and quilts. A task undertaken armed only with fists, iron bars and the baroque verbiage of Victorian liberalism on badly packed lysergic acid diethylamide.

So, the fanciful idea, as the great Hellenist Byron might have noted, is not just to complacently and pointedly disrespect others, in what Katie Grin might polemically term a “shy wild” modus operandi, in order to recreate disrespect as a means and ends of common purposefulness and life meaning, but in order to rescind the perpetuating of a lie lead by an unholy alliance of tendentious anarchists and Gucci-aspiring Trotskyites.

Humankind is not going to liberate itself through modes and facets of disorder of neural development, impaired social interaction and communication, or by restricted and repetitive behaviour, no matter what the liberal guru de jour has to say on the matter. It is in the here and now, that the undertaking that we have before us is planted. Behind us, and ever present, is what we have, what we hold in order to progress within the demonstrations of excessive forbearance of the family of humankind, to a legationary emancipator heavy metal state, which can protract in a life embodiment of the commercial sense of presence, a replica being. In effect, what I am saying is that when the text defrauds then the underlying basis is potentially deceptive, if only in imitation.

Europe has legacies like imaginary dogs have virtual fleas. Appealing to the European legacy is like appealing to the Christian tradition, fraught with vanity, stupidity and guile, and laced with vulgar, gauche and common lack of purpose. Universal emancipation is not a legacy, but a acquiesced and natural state. The idea that we need to be lead to better behaviour, higher ideals and the Promised Land, is mendacious codswallop.

As Yeats quite eloquently put it: ” Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,  Nor public man, nor cheering crowds,  A lonely impulse of delight  Drove to this tumult in the clouds;”  But with this, he did not bother to waste energies on the chimera of global capitalist development, oh no, this was not what Yeats was about. Neither was he flirting with a defence of conservative tradition, either by empathy, affinity or coincidence, or through a vehicle of self-promotion, opportunism and sophistry. Europe has not been marginalised, and to suggest so, is as ridiculous as a plastic red nose on a bulldog in a pink tutu.

As the Bible states “Let us go early to the vineyards to see if the vines have budded, if their blossoms have opened, and if the pomegranates are in bloom— there I will give you my love” Which is materially no better than an unreconstructed Stalinist trying to wrap up a “tit and minge” allegory in philosophical verbiage and literalism.

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Euskal Herrian euskaraz (Herrikoiak)

Euskal Herrian euskaraz
nahi dugu hitz eta jolas
lan eta bizi euskaraz eta
hortara goaz,
bada garaia noizbait dezagun
guda hori gal edo irabaz.
Zabal bideak eta aireak
gure hizkuntzak har dezan arnas,
bada garaia noizbait dezagun
guda hori gal edo irabaz.

Euskal Herrian euskara
hitz egiterik ez bada
bota dezagun demokrazia
zerri askara
geure arima hiltzen uzteko
bezain odolgalduak ez gara.
Hizkuntza gabe esaidazue
nola irtengo naizen plazara,
geure arima hiltzen uzteko
bezain odolgalduak ez gara.

Euskal Herri euskalduna
irabazteko eguna
pazientzia erre aurretik
behar duguna,
ez al dakizu euskara dela
euskaldun egiten gaituena?
Zer Euskal Herri litzake bere
hizkuntza ere galtzen duena.
Ez al dakizu euskara dela
euskaldun egiten gaituena?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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